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full of passion and fun


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Are you looking to learn something new, excel at it while having fun, and making new friends?


At Dance Vancouver, we believe in living a passionate life. We love having fun, learning new things, and passing it forward.


If you want to learn salsa from instructors who are award-winning international powerhouses, producing humble, caring, top quality dancers… we are your #1 choice!


Our Mission :

Empowering people to live lives full of passion and fun.

Salsa Tracks

Super-charge your Salsa Skills!


Maximize your time & learning with convenient back to back classes in Body Movement & Footwork.

We offer classes 6 days a week, with a focused approach to Salsa, Mambo, and their complimentary dances as well as fitness.


Partner Classes

Due to Covid-19 you must register with a partner.

No partner Switching!

Masks Mandatory!

Fitness Classes

*Currently not offered.

Get fit with our in-house fitness freaks!


Booty Camp with Nina.

 Monday Fit with Moises.

STUDENT Experiences

“I’ve taken dance classes across three continents and finally found THE best Salsa instructors… they are hands down Patrick and Scarlet. They are experts at breaking down movements, dedicated, passionate, energetic, while creating a friendly and inclusive environment.”



"Inside every dancer

 is a beginner that fell in love"

- unknown

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