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Your first month, UNLIMITED!

New students to Dance Vancouver regardless of experience level, receive a one month unlimited membership for only $80. Explore our range of "In House" course offerings your level and below, including Salsa, Bachata, Hip Hop, Body Movement, Mambo, Cumbia, Latin Fusion, West Coast Swing, Zouk and more. 

*All classes bulleted in Gold on our Schedule page qualify under the New Student Deal.

Students are encouraged to start at the beginning of the month. All courses run progressively in 4 week cycles that start and end within each calendar month. If you want your NSD to start at the beginning of the upcoming month just notify our front desk staff in person upon arriving to your first class or contact


New Student Deal



Your first month UNLIMITED!

What level is best for me?


To help decide your best starting point within our program please refer to our class descriptions, or view any of our classes. Note: Prospective students looking to take Salsa 3 or higher are required to book a free assessment. Text 778 229-3002 to arrange or contact

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