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Salsa / Mambo Tracks 

Partner Classes

Dance of the Month

Enrollment Options 

Partner Classes

Salsa Tracks 

Dance of the Month

What's   Best for me? 

Partner Classes

Best for those at any level wanting to become amazing Salsa dance partners.

Salsa Tracks

Best for those at any level wanting to be amazing Salsa "dancers". 


Dance of the Month 

Best for intermediate dancers looking to compliment their Salsa skills.


Partner Class + Tracks + DOTM

Best for those at any level looking to gain complete understanding and abilities in Salsa.

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Partner Classes

These are your traditional Salsa classes, where you learn universal lead and follow techniques in order to be able to dance with a partner.

Note: due to pandemic adaptations, not all levels are currently being offered

Salsa 1, Saturdays, 11:00am

Salsa 2, (Date TBA)

Salsa 3, Fridays, 8:30pm

Salsa 4, (Date, TBA)

Mambo 2, Mondays, 6:30pm

Mambo 3, Tuesdays, 8:30pm

Mambo 4, Wednesdays, 8:30pm

Not sure what level to start with us? 

Arrange to view a class, or Book a Free Assessment: info@dancevancouver.ca



Salsa Tracks

This is how we create amazing dancers, through pairing two classes which develop complimentary skill sets, conveniently in back to back time slots. Classes range from Body Movement and Footwork, as well as secondary dances such as Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, fitness classes, Ladies & Mens Styling and more.  Be prepared to sweat:) 


We have options for all levels: 


Beginner Salsa Track, Saturdays, (Body Movement + Footwork)

Intermediate Salsa Track, Fridays, (Body Movement + Footwork)

Intermediate Mambo Track, Tuesdays, (Body Movement + Footwork)

Int. Ladies Styling Track, Thursdays, (Arms & Body Movement + Footwork)

Advanced Mambo Track, Wednesdays, (Body Movement + Footwork)




Dance of the Month


We regularly feature secondary dances related to Salsa in order to cross-train and compliment our students Salsa skills. Dances featured but not limited to, Cha Cha Cha, Pachanga, Latin Hustle, Son Cubano, Boogaloo and Rumba.

These classes are geared towards Salsa 3 students & up.


Dance of the Month for February, 2021 - Cuban Rumba​



The great teacher inspires! 

- William Arthur Ward