Salsa 4

Thursdays 8:30pm


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In Salsa 4 we change the material (turn patterns) every session. This course can be taken ongoing. We will always have new challenges to share with you in this level.


Course Description:

Geared for high-intermediate On 1 social dancers proficient in our Salsa 3 curriculum. Course material is dymnamic, challenging and full of directional changes. Solid fundamental partnering techniques and timing is required.


Additional info:

Please check in at front desk upon arrival for every class.


Salsa 4


    D2 Studio 

    55 W 8th ave

    Vancouver BC


    MONDAY: 6pm - 10pm

    TUESDAY: 4pm - 10pm

    WEDNESDAY: 6pm - 10pm

    THURSDAY: 8pm - 10pm

    FRIDAY: 6pm - 9pm

    SATURDAY: 12pm - 2pm




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