Salsa 2

3 Mondays & or Fridays

-Mondays, Starts Dec. 6, ends Dec. 20,  (7:30 - 8:30pm) 

-Fridays, Starts Dec. 3, ends Dec. 17,  (6:30 - 7:30pm)

This class includes the Flexible Attendance. Feel free to attend once or twice per week, and or use the additional day to make up missed classes.


Course Description:

Designed for students comfortable with the basic steps, cross body lead, basic timing, as well as left and right turns. This level builds off Salsa 1 to create more dynamic turn patterns for the dancefloor.


Health & Safety

Please wash your hands upon arrival. Masks are recommended. This class operates on a partner rotating system. If you have your own partner and wish not to rotate, you do not obligated to do so. If dancing solely with your own partner, masks are optional. For all students switching partners, masks are mandatory.


Also, please check in at front desk upon arrival to the studio.


Thank you.



Salsa 2