Salsa 1

4 Weeks

4 Mondays, Starts Jan. 10, ends Jan. 31, (6:30 - 7:30pm)

4 Saturdays, Starts Jan. 8, ends Jan. 29, (11:00am - 12:00pm)


This class includes Flexible Attendance. Feel free to attend once or twice per week, and or use the additional day to make up missed classes.


*Priced per person.


Salsa 1 has 3 different modules. Each module takes one month to complete. Students are typically ready for Salsa 2 after 3 consecutive month of Salsa 1.


In Salsa 1 we teach one new lesson per week and we duplicate that same lesson on the additional day. By attending twice per week students get extra practice and review. No extra charge to attend both days.


Course Description:


No previous dance or Salsa experience required.

Each class starts with an explanation or review of the basics. Followed by a new Salsa turn pattern. Students are introducedto fundamental lead and follow techniques including the cross body lead, right and left turns, rhythm recognition and dance floor etiquette.


Additional info:


Please check in at front desk upon arrival for every class.

*Note: Proof of vaccine required.

Salsa 1