Salsa 1

4 Weeks

4 Mondays, Starts July 4, ends July 25, (6:30 - 7:30pm)

4 Saturdays, Starts July 2, ends July 223, (12:00am - 1:00pm)


Salsa 1 has 3 different modules. Each module takes one month to complete. Students are typically ready for Salsa 2 after 3 consecutive months of Salsa 1.


In Salsa 1 we teach one new lesson per week and, duplicate that same lesson on the additional day. No extra charge to attend both days.


Course Description:


No previous dance or Salsa experience required.

Each class starts with an explanation or review of the basics. Followed by a new Salsa turn pattern. Students are introduced to fundamental lead and follow techniques including the cross body lead, right and left turns, rhythm recognition and dance floor etiquette.


Additional info:


Additional info:

-Please check-in at the front desk upon arrival to the studio.

-Please sign in and out using the "Studio Check In" sheet located at the front desk during every visit.

-First time students are required to sign a one time liability waiver before class.


Thank you. 

Salsa 1