Mambo 4, In-person

4 Wednesdays

Mambo 4, 8:30 - 9:20pm


See Schedule for your course start and end dates, (available on desktop only).


This advanced level On2 class is challenging, but fun... as long as you have put in the time, energy, commitment and have the demonstrated abilities to hang.


Additional info:

Please sanitize your hands and wear a mask upon entering and exiting the studio and between classes if you choose to remain indoors. 


Masks mandatory. Partner required. No rotating partners.


Also, please check in at the front desk upon arriving before every class.


Thank you.

Mambo 4, In-person


    D2 Studio 

    55 W 8th ave

    Vancouver BC


    MONDAY: 6pm - 10pm

    TUESDAY: 4pm - 10pm

    WEDNESDAY: 6pm - 10pm

    THURSDAY: 8pm - 10pm

    FRIDAY: 6pm - 9pm

    SATURDAY: 12pm - 2pm




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