Intro to West Coast Swing (WCS)

4 Sundays, 7:30pm - 6:30pm 

Starts Oct 2nd, ends Oct 30th

*No Class Oct 9th (Happy Thanks giving)


Welcome! If you're new, start here! 
This class is for the absolute beginner, or dancers from other styles wanting to learn West Coast Swing. 

What you'll learn:

Way more than just standard basic patterns: you'll get a well-rounded set of skills that will help you feel successful and confident sooner and have more fun! 

When it starts:

A new 4-week series class starts on the first Sunday of each month, and repeats each month.

We strongly encourage dancers to sign up at the beginning of the month for the whole series, but if you want to drop-in in the middle of the month to check it out first, it's ok.

What's next:

Once dancers can check off all the skills and patterns in the Intro to WCS Checklist, they can move into the next class: Essential Patterns.

Intro to West Coast Swing (WCS)