Int. Mambo Track, In-person

4 Tuesdays:

Body Movement Basic, 6:30 - 7:20pm

Footwork Basics, 7:30 - 8:20pm


See Schedule for your course start and end dates, (available on desktop only).



Don't let the word "basics" fool you. Most beginners start off with step-centred learning. These classes are body-centred. This intermediate course is fundamental in providing the basis of adding flavour, technique and style into your dancing. Plus, it's a great workout too!


Recommended to bring a bottle of water and small hand towel for perspiration.


Health & Safety

Please wear a mask and sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the studio and during breaks if remaining indoors. 


Please check-in at the front desk upon arriving to the studio.


Thank you.

Int. Mambo Track, In-person


    D2 Studio 

    55 W 8th ave

    Vancouver BC


    MONDAY: 6pm - 10pm

    TUESDAY: 4pm - 10pm

    WEDNESDAY: 6pm - 10pm

    THURSDAY: 8pm - 10pm

    FRIDAY: 6pm - 9pm

    SATURDAY: 12pm - 2pm




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