Best Deal in Town!

New students to Dance Vancouver receive a one month unlimited membership for only $75 (applied to first calendar month). Take any and all classes your Salsa or Mambo level and below, plus booster classes at your level. 

Absolute beginners: since there are no classes  below Salsa 1, you can attend both Salsa 1 and  the Basic Body Movement class conveniently held right before Salsa 1 on Saturdays.

New Student Deal

New Student Deal


What Level is Best for me?

To help you decide, refer to our class descriptions, arrange to view our classes,

or Book a Free Assessment:

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There’s  no fear 

when you’r having  fun.

- Will Thomas

D2 Studio 

55 W 8th ave

Vancouver BC


MONDAY: 6pm - 10pm

TUESDAY: 4pm - 10pm

WEDNESDAY: 6pm - 10pm

THURSDAY: 8pm - 10pm

FRIDAY: 6pm - 9pm

SATURDAY: 12pm - 2pm




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