Classes run in 4 week sessions. Each new 4 week session starts at the beginning of the month and typically finishes at months end. Students are encouraged to join at the beginning of the month when each session begins.

Mondays 7:30pm | Wednesdays 6:30pm

Instructors: Tanguy (Mon)

This is the Starter Course no one should miss!

No previous dance or Salsa experience required. Each class starts with an explanation or review of the basics followed by a new Salsa turn pattern. Students are introduced to fundamental lead and follow techniques including the cross body lead, right and left turns, rhythm recognition and dance floor etiquette.

Recommended to do this level 2-3 months before moving to level 2.

Level 1

Just getting started?

These are for you.



Mondays 6:30pm | Fridays 6:30pm

Instructors: Tanguy (Mon), Patrick (Fri)

This course will be the highlight of your week!

Designed for students comfortable with the basic steps, cross body lead, basic timing, left and right turns. This level builds off Level 1 to create more dynamic turn patterns perfect for the dancefloor. 


Recommended to do this level for approximately 3 - 4 months before moving to Salsa level 3.

Pre-requisite: Completion of level 1 at Dance Vancouver.

Level 2


Tuesdays 6:30pm | Fridays 7:30pm

Instructors: Patrick

You've done the groundwork, now step it up a notch! 

This level is for advanced-beginner to intermediate level Salsa dancers looking to attain and or refine their intermediate technical abilities. Focus is on partnering skills, spinning techniques, travelling turns, balance and connection to help you be a great partner on the dance floor.

Recommended to take this level for 5 - 6 months before moving to level 4.

Pre-requisite: Completion of level 2 at Dance Vancouver.

Level 3



Level 4

Mondays 7:30pm

Instructor: Patrick

It’s all about the “Two” beat!

Geared for students familiar with the techniques in Salsa levels 1 - 3, have some experience dancing Salsa on2, have completed the On2 Conversion course or will be simultaneously enrolled in the On2 Conversion course while taking level 4. Emphasis is on developing students confidence and partnering skills On2 with simple but flowing partner work, basic shines, body movement and timing, timing, timing.

Recommended to take this level for 6 - 8 months before moving to Salsa level 5.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Salsa level 3 and our On2 Conversion program or simultaneously enrolled in the On2 Conversion.


Level 5

Tuesdays 8:30pm

Instructor: Patrick

This course will definitely make you stand out on the dance floor!

Geared for high intermediate students already comfortable with dancing Salsa On2 and have successfully completed level 4. Material in this level is dynamic and challenging and full of directional changes so solid ability of fundamental partnering techniques and solid On2 timing is required.

Recommended to take this level for at least one year.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Salsa level 4 and Dance Vancouver’s On2 Conversion course.




Instructor consent required!

Instructors: Patrick & Scarlet

This course is truly advanced and we guard enrollment to keep the integrity of the level. This class is challenging and rehearsals intense. In other words… “it’s very, very hard!” and if you have not mastered the techniques in levels 1 - 5 and the booster classes you will probably fall and chip a tooth within the first two minutes and cry.

Level 6 


Wednesdays 7:30pm | Saturdays 1 - 2 pm

Instructors: Patrick & Scarlet

Gain more confidence by increasing your technical abilities. Each week we will focus on specific areas of dance training including but not limited to turns, spins, balance, control, body movement, frame and footwork technique. Open to men and women.

This is an all levels class however it is mostly geared for Salsa level 3 - 6.

Technique class





On2 conversion

Mondays 6:30pm

Instructor: Patrick

This course is for On1 Salsa dancers interested in learning to dance Salsa on2 (aka Mambo, New York, Puerto Rican style). Focus will be on increasing students musical IQ, developing their proficiency with On2 timing and confidence for the social dance floor. This course also serves as a gateway to our Salsa level 4 class.

Recommended for Salsa level 2 students and up.


Dance of the month

Thursdays 8:30pm

Instructor: Patrick

Each month students will get the opportunity to learn and focus on a new secondary dance form. The dance of the month for August will be Rumba ( Guaguanco) .


Recommended for Salsa level 2 students and up.


Wednesdays 8:30pm 

Instructors: Patrick & Scarlet

Girl time with Scarlet

Working with Scarlet herself, follows will learn and develop various body movements, rhythms, shines, arm-work, technique and styling.


Recommended for Salsa levels 2 - 6.

Ladies Styling


Mondays 8:30pm

Instructors: Patrick & Scarlet

Get fit, have fun and learn how to look great on the dance floor all while learning the elements of styling and footwork. This class is geared for On2 dancers as well as On1 dancers wanting to learn On2. Open to men and women.


Recommended for levels 3 - 6.


Shines & Styling


Tuesdays 7:30pm  | Saturdays 12 -1pm

Instructors: Patrick & Scarlet

Add flavour and style to your dancing all while getting a great workout. Being able to move to the rhythm is the true essence of dancing Salsa and besides it will take your solo and partnering abilities to a whole other level. 


Recommended for Salsa levels 2 - 6.

Body Movement

What are...?

Core Classes


Booster Classes

-These are specialty classes.

-Catered to both men and women. 

-geared for students levels 3 - 6. 

-Level 2 students with a "can do” attitude are welcome to Enroll. 

-Not recommended for level 1 students. 

-These are your traditional Salsa Classes.


-Designed to make you an amazing Salsa dance partner.

-No partner required!


-classes may include some basic body movement & or shines.


-Compliment your Core Classes with our Booster Classes.

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