Health & Safety


Masks Optional for all Classes 

As of July 1, masks are optional in our studio. The PHO states that for the time being masks are not mandatory but, "recommended". 

Air Flow in the Studio

Our studios ventilation system is always on, continuously drawing in outside air. The system is also equipped with a UV filter. 

Registration & Payment

Pre-registration and pre-payment is encouraged in order to reduce touch-points in the studio, as well as to avoid congestion at the front desk.

Sanitize Your Hands 

Everyone entering the studio is encouraged to wash their hands. There's hot water and soap in the washrooms,  also hand sanitizer is provided throughout the studio for staff and students.

Do I Need a Partner?

Starting September 2021 students can register solo or with a partner. Classes will operate on a rotating partner system. Every few minutes you will dance with a new partner. If you have your own partner and you wish not to rotate partners, you can dance exclusively with one another. Masks are currently recommended, but not mandatory.


Our front desk has been equipped with a plexiglass barrier. 

Check-in is touch free. Just tell us what classes you’re attending and we’ll check in for you. 

Our check-in procedure allows us to keep attendance records and contacts of all staff and students who attend classes. We will keep a permanent record of the attendance.


Class Times

Class times are staggered to allow thorough sanitization between classes as well as reduce traffic congestion in the studio.

Touch Free

With the exception of our BYOP partner classes, all other classes are touch free.

We ask staff and students to please refrain from high fives, fist-bumps and hugs for the time being. 


Illness Protocol

Staff and students are required to stay home if feeling unwell. 

If anyone begins to feel unwell, leave the studio immediately, go straight home and contact your health care provider or 8-1-1 for further guidance.


Online Training

For those who prefer to learn online and or supplement your in-person learning, we will continue to offer our subscription based online training for purchase at the

Now Offering Zoom Classes

Yes that's right, regardless of where you are, you can participate in our live/in-person classes via Live-stream.  Simply register on our Enroll page and we'll send you the Zoom link.


Dance with the heart,

and the feet will follow.

- Unknown