At Dance Vancouver, we love what we do. Our strong passion for salsa and for our students continually drives us to deliver the highest quality instruction at every level. Our classes are always fun, informative, comfortable, and entertaining.

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Patrick Moriarity

Founder / Director / Head Instructor

Patrick began Salsa dancing in his late twenties to overcome his lifelong fear of dancing.


Now an acclaimed dancer and performer, Patrick founded Dance Vancouver in 2006 to provide top-level training to students of all backgrounds and experience.


Patrick’s natural gift for teaching, his professionalism and clear, caring approach allow him to effortlessly connect with his students.


Patrick has never forgotten his days as a nervous newcomer with no dance background, so he understands the importance of building confidence and having fun. His concise system is designed to help students easily connect the dots of technique, musicality, footwork, style and partnering, whether lead or follow.


“When people come into my classes I try to get a sense of who they are, what they want and what motivates them. Whether it’s to go out and dance and have fun, or to take Salsa very seriously, there is room within our school to do all of those things.”


Patrick is a three-time Canadian professional Salsa champion, US Salsa open champion and multiple-time world Salsa medalist. He has traveled the world to work with top coaches and instructors, but counts Scarlet, his partner on the dance floor and in life, as one of his most creative influences.


Scarlet Moriarity

Co-director / Senior Instructor

Scarlet grew up in Mexico, immersed in dance culture, particularly Mexican folklore, competitive cheer and Salsa.


A captivating Salsa performer, Scarlet is known for her magnetic stage presence, elegant, sexy styling, multi-layered movement, musicality and effortless, original improvisation.


A warm and enthusiastic teacher, Scarlet brings to Dance Vancouver the experience she gained while working with some of the world’s top coaches, and a special expertise in ladies Salsa styling, performance and competitive choreography.


Scarlet thrives on teaching, and figuring out how to share her knowledge with her students. “When it comes to movement, it’s like a puzzle to me, and I love puzzles. When I start figuring out how one thing connects to another, I love it.”


Most important to Scarlet is the community of dancers at all levels she and Patrick welcome at Dance Vancouver. “We want to be there for our students. That’s what matters most to us. And having fun, of course.”


Scarlet is a 2018 world Salsa champion, 3-time Canadian Salsa champion, US Open Salsa champion and multi-time world medalist.


Tanguy Exume



Tanguy's natural passion for dance comes from his Haitian roots where music and dance is central to the culture. Growing up dancing organically to the Caribbean rhythms of his homeland made his transition into Salsa which began in Montreal in 2005, a natural extension.

Upon walking through our doors in 2009, we at Dance Vancouver immediately recognized Tanguy's caring, intelligent, and sincere nature. Through his commitment and initiative Tanguy quickly went on to become a star pupil gradually rising up the ranks first as an assistant and currently an instructor.

Tanguy's commitment to observing, learning, applying and sharing week in and week out since he walked through our doors has provided benefits that go far beyond his dancing ability. Tanguy has become vital to our company, bettering, himself, our students and organization.

As an instructor Tanguy's dedication, patience, knowledge and sincerity gives him an incredible ability to connect with both the new and experienced dancers alike.

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