Do I need to bring a partner?

Partners are not required for Dance Vancouver group classes. Our classes cater to both students who sign up on their own, as well as students who sign up with a partner. Classes operate a partner rotating system. Every few minutes students get to dance with a new partner, to ensure all students get to dance with one another.

If you have your own partner and do not wish to rotate partners, simply let the instructors know and we will happily accommodate you.

Which Salsa classes are for beginners?

We have 2 options for beginners.

Salsa 1, in this class you learn to dance with a partner. Held Monday evening and Saturday afternoon.

Body Movement 1, This is a non-partnering class where you develop Salsa body movement, plus a bit of Shines (fancy footwork). Held on Saturdays conveniently after  Salsa 1.

What is the New Student Deal?

All first time students to Dance Vancouver regardless of their experience level receive unlimited classes their level and below during their first calendar month.


If your starting point with us is Salsa 3 for example, it means you can attend all days of Salsa 3, 2 & 1 and our booster classes during your first calendar month.


If your starting point is Salsa 1, you can attend all days of Salsa 1 and Body Movement 1.

New to us?

Try all our classes, your level and below, for just...


NEW Student


When you dance,

you can enjoy the luxury

of being you. 


– Paulo Coelho

When do classes start and end?

All classes run monthly. They are 4 weeks long, and start and end within each calendar month.


To find out when classes start and end, click on the class(es) you're interested in within our Schedule. You will also find start dates posted in the "Returning Students" page under the Enroll tab.

I sweat a lot. What should I do?

Flying sweat tends to not be well received. If you are an excessive sweater be considerate of your dance partners and bring a hand towel to dry off and/or bring as many changes of shirts as needed. No, you won't be able to deceive people into thinking your flying sweat is the sprinkler system triggered by your hotness.

Can I make up missed classes?

Yes. For classes offered multiple times per week, our Flexible Attendance policy means that students can attend any of the other days their same class is offered, as long as it's within their same 4-week session, free of charge. Furthermore, when your class is offered multiple times per week, you're welcome to attend once or twice per week, or alternate which days you want to attend.

Note: Salsa 1, 2 and 3 are typically offered twice per week.

Are masks mandatory in your dance studio?

No, masks are optional, not mandatory. 

What do I wear to class?

Keep in mind, one of our goals is to make you sweat! With that being said, athletic wear that allows movement and ventilation is recommended, especially for our fitness, Body Movement & Shines classes.


For our partner classes we offer the same recommendation, but ultimately wear whatever you feel comfortable in. For some this will be dressing up, for others this will be dressing down. And for some it's more a matter of blending in. If this is the case, most people show up to our partner classes in casual street clothing or athletic wear. 

What type of shoes should I wear?

Typically newcomers to salsa do not need to purchase dance shoes. Whether it be a dress shoe or even a form fitting sneaker, most people already have something suitable in their closet. We recommend shoes that are stable, sleek and do not grip the floor. Stilettos are not recommended.  


We usually recommend buying dance shoes by Salsa 3. Generally this will be a dance shoe with suede soles. Proper dance shoes will better allow the intermediate / advanced dancer to better execute precise footwork and lessen joint strain. If you are in the market for dance shoes but uncertain as to what to look for, feel free to consult any of the Dance Vancouver staff.

Personal hygiene. How can I best prepare?

Looking clean and smelling clean goes a long way to ensure you are well received by your dance partners. Simply showering and brushing your teeth is not enough. Please be conscientious to use effective deodorant, chewing gum/mints and clean clothing.

Can I join a course that’s already started?

Generally yes. Some classes are more conducive to taking on new students partway through than others. Contact us if you missed the current month’s start date to see if you can join us part way through. If it's recommended you wait for the next session, you only have to wait a 2 - 3 weeks at most, as we start a new round of classes at the beginning of every month. 

Can I pay a drop-in fee to your classes?

Consideration will be made depending on class capacity as well as the appropriateness of the level. Although we will do our best to accommodate drop-ins, the pace of the class will cater to those registered in the full series.

How many times should I take each level?

Salsa 1 has 3 different modules. Each module takes one month to complete, therefor we generally recommend Salsa 1 be taken for 3 months.

Every level from Salsa 2 onward we recommend taking multiple, multiple times. We continually introduce new and interesting elements and dynamic variations each and every month. There's plenty of room to grow in all of our levels. This also includes all of our Booster classes.


Patient students progress faster than those who take shortcuts. 


You know you are ready to move up in level when you can watch and do new material with little to no instruction.