At Dance Vancouver, we love what we do. Our strong passion for salsa and for our students continually drives us to deliver the highest quality instruction at every level. Our classes are always fun, informative, and make you sweat.     

If you happen to be a nervous beginner, or have fears around dancing, Dance Vancouver is the perfect stage for you to take your first steps. Put yourself at ease by viewing a class, or reading our student experiences.

OUR Values


Our passion for Latin music and dance is the fire that drives us forward.


We are committed to continually learning, improving and expanding our skills.


What’s the point without it? A fun attitude helps tackle new challenges with ease and excitement.


Being a visionary and creating programs to make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Passing it forward and empowering the growth of others by sharing our knowledge and experiences.


We do our best to do right by others, respecting the pioneers of the music, dance and our students.

Our Mission:

Empowering people to live lives

full of passion and fun

OUR Philosophy

 Our Approach

Dance Vancouver’s comprehensive approach to learning has been developed and fine tuned over the course of Patrick and Scarlet’s combined 30 years of teaching experience.


We recognize there are many pieces to the puzzle of learning Salsa than just 123 567. Our Salsa and Mambo classes provide our students with the training to become amazing dance partners. Where as our booster classes train our students to become amazing dancers.

Patrick and Scarlet are world class dancers and instructors. Their combined areas of genius creates the perfect partnership for producing and nurturing dancers of all levels. 


Patrick’s genuine care, depth of knowledge, teaching precision, and pioneering spirit are hands down a few reasons why he’s a master instructor. His passion for growth and continuous learning provides an environment for students to develop their dance skills, have fun, and see things from a different perspective, and ultimately thrive in life with the skills learned through dance. 


Scarlet’s charisma, creativity, choreographic style, and powerful presence makes her a force of nature. She’s an inspirational role model and an invaluable mentor to train performers, teams, competitors, and those who strive to be exceptional. 


Always students of the game, Patrick and Scarlet learn from many sources, including one another. By incorporating the knowledge and abilities of one another, they’ve struck the perfect balance between heart and mind, making their classes one of the best training grounds worldwide. 


As a result of their passion and hard work, Patrick and Scarlet are three-time Canadian Salsa Champions, US Open Salsa Champions and multi-time World Salsa Summit medalists. Scarlet is also the 2018 Shines World Champion.

 Our Passion

Our Vision :

To be an International Powerhouse, producing top quality dancers

who are passionate, humble, knowledgeable, and fun

Where we Teach

D2 Dance Studio

55 West 8th Ave

We are located in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood between Main and Cambie, and close to Olympic Village.

There is plenty of free street parking and metered parking.

We’re six blocks from Broadway-City Hall Skytrain station and near many bus routes along West Broadway, Main St and Cambie. 

Dance first.

Think later.

It's the natural order.

-Kathryn Petras