Here is what our students have to say...

left quoteI had been learning and dancing salsa for almost 5 years before moving to Vancouver, but there was a lot of important technique that I had never picked up. So many lessons I had taken where I lived previously were lead-centric, focussed on teaching combinations. From day 1 of taking lessons with Patrick and Scarlet, my eyes were opened to how much I could improve, and the improvement started immediately. If you want to learn how to dance salsa well, then I would highly recommend these guys. Here's why: 1. They go through fundamental techniques for leads and follows, explaining the mechanics of why these techniques work. 2. They allow lots of class time to practice techniques and routines. 3. They emphasize the importance of listening to the songs in developing good rhythm and musicality. 4. They are very friendly and personable. 5. To top it off their prices are very reasonable for so much instruction time.right quote
Claire T

left quoteThis teaching team is wonderful. It is evident that they love what they do. You can't fake passion for too long, the cracks will soon appear. PSTC are fun, creative, smart, caring, engaged teachers. The way they patiently break it down and ensure that everyone is on point before they move forward is a skill that I appreciate. My ADHD thanks you after every class :-) I'M A FAN.right quote
Glenn & Marcia Johnson

left quoteRetired from dancing due to a partner who doesn't dance but wishing to continue the fun you had in the '60's and '70's era with Chubby Checkers' The Twist and Disco dance? A Dance Shop Owner said 'sometimes we need a kick from the kid' as I told her of my Absolute Beginner class package for Salsa lessons from my Salsa-loving son. Help yourself move into the next stage of life with the social dance of Salsa. Experience for yourself the reasons why Dance Vancouver's Patrick and Scarlet, Tanguy and Clara have a very successful formula. Excellent teachers, professional instruction, including wireless mic, flexibility of make-up classes each week to reinforce technique at three different dance locations and most importantly, they want you to succeed. A special thank-you to all the young men who gave me a spin around the floor. It was fun. Love you all.right quote

left quoteI started learning Salsa with Patrick and Scarlet two and a half years ago. In this time period, I have achieved in salsa far beyond what I could have imagined. This could not have happened without the excellent instructions from Patrick and Scarlet. As a team they have taught me the intricacies of being a lead and the fundamentals of being a follow. Indeed critical aspects of being a good dancer. Their analysis and critique of my movements and the follow-up advice ,corrections and encouragement have built up my skills in execution and my understanding of the dance. I am also proud to know that my instructions comes from a team that truly loves this art form. They have incredible talent in their performances, their social dancing and in their instructions. They have the goods! I cannot give them enough praise to them as dancers, as instructors, as friends. Go learn with them and find out yourself!right quote
Francis Tavares

left quotePatrick and Scarlet are second to none when it comes to dance teaching. They demonstrate patience, an unsurpassed knowledge of their subject, a great sense of humour, a flair for teaching, and a creative approach to teaching. They aptly convey their love of dance to their classes. It has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience learning from them! I can't wait for their next classes and workshops. Way to go Dancevancouver!right quote

left quoteDance Vancouver is the best Salsa-team I have ever seen. Patrick and Scarlet are completely professional, ambitious, funny and charming! They both have great teaching skills and they take care of their students. On one hand you have a lot of fun in their classes and on the other hand they encourage the students to step outside the box. Patrick and Scarlet are really the best teachers in Vancouver if not all of Canada. I´m deeply impressed by their knowledge and their personalities. I'd recommend Dance Vancouver to everybody. Their classes make you aware of Salsa as a whole, the music, technique, history and much more - it´s not just about 123, 567 and combos. I would like to thank Scarlet, Patrick, Claudia and Tanguy so much for sharing their knowledge and helping me to improve. Thank you!!!right quote
Maria Bergen

left quote Thank you for bringing me into this fun new world of dance. Your teaching style has really helped me grasp techniques and allowed me to learn and understand the basic concepts needed to lead in salsa dancing. You helped me go from nervous new guy to an excited and enthusiastic beginner. Your fun and relaxed attitudes are perfect for a learning environment. I'm so happy with where I've come in such a short time that I will continue with you to ensure I become the best Salsa dancer I can be (even if I do have 2 left feet). I also like that you have multiple venues and appreciate all your encouragement. Thank you for being so good at what you do and I look forward to seeing more of you on the dance floor. Maybe one day, we can go on the pro circuit together. LOLright quote
Kevin Lynch

left quotePatrick's team do more than just teach dance -- they create a wonderful environment for social contacts, fun, and developing skill. Patrick and Scarlet hit the perfect balance between teaching lots of funky moves, developing our solid dance technique, and making the classes a lot of fun. They teach equally to men and women, which might be why the classes are really well gender-balanced. I feel steady progress every class, to become a better and better dancer. I'm so glad I found this Salsa community and this school; the classes are a highlight of my week! right quote
Timothy Bult

left quoteI'm so happy that I started taking classes from Dance Vancouver! I've been salsa dancing for a few years but needed work on my technique. I was told by a number of people that Patrick is the best at teaching the foundations. Patrick has been great with all his patience and positive encouragement. Scarlet is an amazing example to follow and her helpful technical pointers are appreciated. Now my basics have improved and I'm getting asked on the dance floor a lot more! I definitely recommend Dance Vancouver to anyone who wants to learn the proper basics as well as excel from their current level in a fun, relaxed and positive atmosphere.right quote
Amey Lea

left quoteIf you want to learn Salsa I have three names for you: Patrick Scarlet and Claudia. I was very happy with their teaching, their patience, their elegance and calmness. I was fortunate enough to dance (or at least try to) with Patrick on a real dance floor in Howard Johnson club (must see) and it was effortless and great experience. He made me feel like I belong to this Salsa world. It was a pure joy and wonderful experience. I hope to continue and eventually become Salsa expert.....they will make it possible of course :)right quote
Milena Brezo

left quoteDo you want to dance.... feel energized by the rhythm of salsa, master the seduction of Bachata or Merengue, build confidence with the syncopation of cha-cha-cha..... all you have to do is meet Patrick of Dance Vancouver. Patrick is a wonderful dancer with a special ability to teach. His approach is clear instruction and demonstration combined with a curriculum of progressive moves so that we, (his students), feel comfortable on the dance floor in weeks. Every class we learn a sequence of dance patterns combined with hints about posture, frame, technique, lead, follow and styling in an atmosphere of respect and fun. Patrick also understands the need for "practice" time and provides this on an ongoing basis giving all students an easy connection to be part of the salsa community in Vancouver. I have always felt treated with dignity and respect in Patrick's classes, I always have fun, my dancing and confidence has improved and I feel connected to a community of wonderful people..... thank you Patrick and Dance Vancouver. right quote
Christine Skelton

left quote I have had a wonderful experience learning salsa. You are a very talented instructor and have endless patience with our class. It has been fun. I love to watch the demonstrations you provide with your partner, who is a beautiful dancer.Thanks for bringing salsa into our lives!right quote
Paddy Aiken

left quoteI have enjoyed your classes immensely. You create a welcoming and encouraging space for newer dancers. Your approach has always felt very inclusive, which has not been my experience in all dance classes. Age-isms or sex-isms have never been an issue in your classroom programs. The classes at the Howard Johnson's inspire others to dance in a-comfortable-at-any-level atmosphere. I think you should be very proud that so many of the attendees reflect the dance etiquette and integrity that you hold so dear. I am one witness that can attest to the fact that your messages are taken to heart. From a female perspective - the men behave like gentleman, as you have coached them to do. This may seem a bit trite to mention but as an older single woman going out to clubs can be a bit intimidating. I feel comfortable arriving alone and trust that when you and/or your students are present that I will enjoy my night of dancing.right quote

left quote I am absolutely happy attending Patrick and Scarlet's classes. I have learned so much from them. They are both great dance teachers; it's so easy to follow what they teach. Their explanations are very clear. They are very special, patient and admirable people who challenge their students as much as they possibly can. I have found Patrick to be a very honest and caring teacher with high moral and professional values. He also has a sense of humor so we have fun while we learn. Furthermore the ratio of men and women is very well balanced ensuring that we always have plenty of partners to practice with.right quote
Tania Amparan

left quoteHaving taught the basics of salsa and other ballroom dance styles on cruise ships for the past year, I had high expectations coming into Patrick's class. He had a great moderation between challenging you, and refining the basics you already know. Being very articulate and detailed by nature, he never left anyone behind when moving on. Though many other couples were in the class, there was no lack of personal attention. Routines were practical yet diversified. He had created a great social atmosphere in his class that made learning fun. Patrick's teaching even inspired me to practice in Vancouver's growing salsa community. I encourage anyone to try his classes and see for yourself.right quote
Joseph Spitale
Events Coordinator

left quoteI'd recommend Patrick's class to anyone! I've taken both his beginners and intermediate salsa classes. Not only is Patrick a fabulous dancer himself; he's great at explaining the steps, breaking things down, and making you look amazing on the dance floor.right quote
Angela, Vancouver

left quoteI've now taken 4 of Patrick's Salsa classes. Patrick is a conscientious teacher and really understands how a beginner learns to dance. He is patient and gentle, which takes a lot of the frustration out of it! Also I found that he really pays attention to what you're doing and provides a lot of encouragement and if you make a mistake he'll give you a gentle fix. No humiliation and a nice safe place to learn and dance. I have had other salsa teachers, but I find myself sticking with Patrick because he's done such a great job. right quote

left quoteI am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your Salsa Beginner 1 class - it was so good I registered for Level 2 before Level 1 classes were over. As an instructor, you are very good - you broke the moves down and taught them really clearly. I also liked that you spent a good amount of time each class reviewing things we'd already learned, but also taught us new material each time. I especially learned a lot in class when I was lucky enough to dance with you! Besides all this, I really appreciated how you encouraged us to go out & practice what you taught - I've been going out social dancing at least one night a week and, as you promised, I have improved a lot through doing that. Thanks for all you've taught me, and I'm looking forward to learning much more! Cheers, right quote

left quoteI've had an amazing time in the past four months with Patrick and Laura. It's amazing how in such a short period of time, I changed frustration for confidence and joy every time that I step onto the dance floor. I could only achieve that because Patrick is an outstanding teacher who puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of creating a connection with our dancing partner. He also pays a lot of attention to the individual needs and habits of each of the students, giving the appropriate feedback to every one of them. Thanks Patrick and Laura!right quote

left quoteBefore I took the intermediate Salsa class with Patrick I attended 3 other classes for 7 months. I learned in just 7 weeks with Patrick more danceable, doable, sexy, easy to lead and follow dance patterns/moves than the 7 months before. He breaks down every pattern and helps you to understand, to lead or follow it. I met the best followers in Patrick's class and most of them started as a beginner with Patrick. His assistants like Laura are the best girls from the salsa scene. Patrick has the highest people skills I have experienced in the Salsa scene. Mille Grazie Patrick and looking forward to more classes with you. right quote

left quotePatrick's effortless finesse on the dance floor is so fun to watch and is exactly why I decided to check out I was not disappointed; steps were clearly explained and broken down, and the learning environment is always a friendly and enjoyable one. But what continues to impress me most is Patrick's genuine interest in helping his students become better dancers. I look forward to many more classes with, it's just so addictive! right quote
Christine Valdez, New Westminster