Tanguy's natural passion for dance comes from his Haitian roots where music and dance is central to the culture. Growing up dancing organically to the Caribbean rhythms of his homeland made his transition into Salsa which began in Montreal in 2005, a natural extension.

Upon walking through our doors in 2009, we at Dance Vancouver immediately recognized Tanguy's caring, intelligent, and sincere nature. Through his commitment and initiative Tanguy quickly went on to become a star pupil gradually rising up the ranks first as an assistant and currently an instructor.

Tanguy's commitment to observing, learning, applying and sharing week in and week out since he walked through our doors has provided benefits that go far beyond his dancing ability. Tanguy has become vital to our company, bettering, himself, our students and organization.

As an instructor Tanguy's dedication, patience, knowledge and sincerity gives him an incredible ability to connect with both the new and experienced dancers alike.