Salsa Lessons Description

Absolute Beginners

This is the starter course that no one should miss. Our students routinely tell us that our lessons are the highlight of their week. We never get tired of hearing this nor watching them go from nervous beginner to eager, capable and supportive members of the Salsa community. We love teaching beginners!

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • - The essential Salsa basics
  • - Principles of leading and following
  • - Fun basic turn patterns
  • - Cross-body leads
  • - Dance etiquette
  • *This course has a set curriculum

Students can also expect the following:

  • - Low impact exercise
  • - Stress relief
  • - Clear, easy to follow instruction
  • - Laughter
  • - Meet tons of new people
  • - The ability to Social dance

Pre-requisite: A fun and positive attitude. These classes fill up quickly so register ASAP.

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Experienced Beginners (Salsa Level 2)

This level has two separate but complimentary curriculums that are rotated from one session to the next. It is highly recommended students take this level twice in back to back sessions to learn both curriculums before advancing to our Intermediate Salsa Training Series. This will not only help students gain increased maturity of movement of the techniques covered, but also provide students with an increased repertoire of very leadable moves for the Social dance floor.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • - Review of the Absolute Beginner course techniques
  • - Increased flair and complexity to your basic turn variations
  • - New progressive "Night Club Style" and "Latino Style" combinations
  • - Breaking the beginner "funk" by avoiding common pit-falls
  • - Traveling turns
  • - Basic body movement
  • - Increased leading & following techniques
  • *Two separate but complimentary curriculums
Extra Benefits of Our Beginner Salsa Lessons

Pre-requisite: Ability of our Absolute Beginner curriculum.

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On1 Salsa Training Series (Intermediate)

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Early Bird Deadlines:
Pay before Mar. 27th ($360)
Pay between Mar. 27th - Apr. 2nd ($400)
Pay at the door on Apr. 3rd ($420)
32.5 hours total

No Refunds

There is no audition required to be a part of this Salsa group in training. The On 1 Training Series is for high-beginner to intermediate level Salsa dancers. This is often the most suitable starting point for Salsa dancers who have extensive Salsa dancing experience but have never taken classes with us in the past; it is also the next step for our Experienced Beginner's (level 2) Salsa students. Our On 1 training curriculum focusses on partnering techniques, body movement, rhythm, timing, musicality, footwork and mulitiple turns. Dancing we believe is a total body experience and want to ensure our students capture the essence of what it is to dance Salsa while acquiring the technical abilities of this ever evolving dance. Rehearsals can be intense, the curriculum challenging but the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. To help support our students learning this course also includes the following resources....

  • -Complimentary 45-minute private lesson (new members only)
  • -Twice a week classes
  • -Discounts at weekly Salsa parties
  • -Online dance syllabus
  • -Online videos
More About Our On1 and On2 Salsa Training

Pre-requisite: This course is for high-level beginner to intermediate Salsa dancers.

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On2 Conversion Bootcamp

Learn the ins and outs of dancing Salsa On2 as well as avoid the common pitfalls On1 dancers typically experience while switching to the Two beat. We will start from basic steps and progress to the most common elements of partner-work, ie basic turns, cross body leads, inside turns, etc, giving participants a solid understanding of dancing On2 to be confidently on their way.

On2 Salsa Training (High Intermediate)*

New format | Mondays only

This course is for students familiar with the information taught in our On2 Conversion for On1 Salsa Dancers course and would like to refine and expand their dance skills on the two beat.

*Pre-requisite: On2 Conversion for On1 Salsa Dancers

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Ladies Salsa Techniques Course (Intermediate)

This course will focus on Follow Specific techniques to allow greater following ability, increased stability and control in turns, body-movement and arm-work for following.

Note: This course goes hand in hand with our On1 Salsa Training Series.

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On2 Advanced Salsa Training

This course is for students familiar with the information taught in our intermediate On 1 and On 2 series and would like to refine and expand their dance skills on the two beat. In this level students can expect to learn all elements of Salsa and its related dances, including history, musicality, timing, rhythm, technique, partner-work, solo shines and more.

Student Performance Group

Participants will get the opportunity to learn a choreography with the intent of performing it in the future at various local events. Students are expected to be able to keep up to the pace of the group (high - intermediate)

Note: simply participating in the class does not guarantee students will be given the opportunity to perform, nor does it guarantee passage to round two. Only those deemed ready will be chosen to perform. Commitment, initiative and demonstrated abilities is key criteria in determining who is ready to perform. Students are expected to have a positive "can do" attitude. Students will also be expected to practice and rehearse outside of class time.

Pre-requisite: On2 High-Intermediate Training series, or proficiency and the ability to keep up.

Hustle Workshops

Description coming soon.