Dance Vancouver Policies

Privacy information:

Student registration information and contact information is kept confidential by Dance Vancouver. Students email addresses will only be used for dance related information (e.g., class information, parties and events).

Waiver for loss, theft or injury:

I understand that Dance Vancouver and or its employees, assistants and partners are not held responsible for any loss or theft of articles in class or event premises organized by Dance Vancouver and are not held liable for injury or health risk sustained in dance classes or events organized by Dance Vancouver or their partners.

Payment Policy:

Spots are only guaranteed once full payment has been received. Registration is based on a first pay, first serve basis! Students must pay for their course in full before participating in the class.

Refund policy:

Salsa Beginners - Refunds must be requested immediately following the first class. After such time no refunds or credits will be given. A full refund will be granted minus a $15 fee for the first class taken for 1 hour lesson or $20 for 1.5 hour lessons.

Salsa Training Groups - No Refunds!

*Please note: Our refund policies are strict in order to ensure registered students are committed to completing their courses for the following reasons...

  1. We would cease to be able to offer classes at reasonable rates, let alone offer classes at all if we were to be held accountable when students personal or work schedules conflict with courses they have committed to; it is the responsibility of the student.
  2. Due to the amount of work it takes to ensure reasonable ratios of men and women in classes, students who withdraw from courses only add to this workload.
  3. Many of our classes reach capacity and incur wait-lists, while some classes incur wait-lists due to heavier interest by either men or women. Students who withdraw from courses potentially keep other students from registering.
  4. Some of our classes include admission to Salsa parties. This admission is paid by Dance Vancouver. Regardless of whether enrolled students attend their classes, free parties or even withdraw from their course, Dance Vancouver can not recoup this expense.

Cancelation Policy

Dance Vancouver has the right to cancel a course if registration and or pre-registration does not meet its minimum required number of students. In the event of cancellation, students will receive a full refund.