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Private Salsa lessons:

Private lessons are great for those who...

  • - Have unpredictable schedules that keep them from committing to group lessons
  • - Need to supplement their group class learning
  • - Want to learn at a faster pace and or jump levels
  • - Want to clean up their technique learned in group lessons
  • - Feel more comfortable in a more intimate setting as opposed to a group setting

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Semi-Private Salsa Lessons:

Semi-Private lessons are great for groups of people that would like to learn together. Our instructors are experienced with catering to a wide variety of groups. Lessons can be tailored specifically to your groups needs and abilities.

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Other Salsa Services:

Dance Vancouver has a variety of packages available to cater to your special event. Our services include any combination of the following...

  • - Salsa performances
  • - Demonstrations
  • - Lessons
  • - Workshops

Events we perform and or teach for...

  • - Public events
  • - Festivals
  • - Corporate events
  • - Weddings
  • - Engagement parties
  • - Birthdays
  • - Fundraisers
  • - Christmas parties

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